I was referred to the Law Offices of Andy Cook by a friend who also went through a divorce. In the beginning, I wanted to make sure I was protected legally and financially, as I was going through a divorce with an attorney, who I was married to for 15 years. We had no children, Thank God, and very little property. My case was handled by Counsel August Miller of the Law Offices of Andy Cook. As a professional, she has seen it all. She worked with me through the anger, sadness, wanting to be revengeful, the tears, being emotionless, and finally the joy of letting go and moving on. She took the time to make sure I understood the process and the type of paperwork I was signing. She walked me through the steps to protect my assets and any future assets. She and Counsel Andy Cook made sure I was protected from paying any debts the ex husband had incurred over the years and debts he incurred during the divorce proceedings. Trust me, the debt was in the six-figure range. I was extremely satisfied with their services, patience, and loyalty to me as their client and not to the political court system. Yes, their services may be considered costly to some; yet they are worth it.
Valisa B., 7/27/16

Overall, I found that the way my telephone calls and inquiries were handled was excellent.

Mr. Cook was able to see through things ahead of everybody.
Natalia K., 2/1/13

The biggest surprise about working with an attorney was everything was easier and done right.
Jerrold W., 9/1/12

I was most happy about the timeliness and promptness of concerns answered.
Alfredo G., 8/21/12

He was very organized and on time.
Elena R., 1/7/08

I was referred to Andy Cook by a friend’s attorney.  I found Andy to be quite knowledgeable about family law, and honest about where I stood with my case in relation to California State law.  From the start, he advised me what his retainer would be and what the total cost would most likely be — and he was within his estimation.  I had been served with an intimidating number of legal forms, with a number of unreasonable requests, and he helped guide me through what I needed to do, and what I did not need to worry about.  He was able to help me respond to the orders with confidence because he knows family law so well.  As the case came to a close, he took the time to make sure I understood exactly what I was agreeing to, and what the possible ramifications might be.  If I am ever in need of a family law attorney in the future (and hopefully that day never arrives again), I would not hesitate to call Andy Cook and ask for his help.
Leslie B., 9/14/16

Mr. Cook represented me through a long contested divorce.  It was not a pleasant process and included me having to be deposed by my ex-wife’s attorney.  Mr. Cook was there throughout the process and kept me informed throughout the ordeal.  He avoided running up costly fees by minimizing phone calls and doing much of what was needed via e-mail. His partner, Vicky Mejias is also helpful and on top of all issues as well.
His is not afraid to go toe to toe with the opposing attorney on your behalf, but would prefer to avoid that by giving you the best options under the law that both sides can live with in a settlement.  He can do that because he knows the law.
James L., 1/13/18

I have had two attorneys on my very long case and Andy Cook far outshone the initial one – who was very highly rated.  He was sincere in his desire to do the best for me and not merely the best for himself.  His rates were reasonable and he did not nickel-and-dime me for every short phone call or e-mail.  Mr. Cook was down to earth and easy to talk to and was not ego driven.  He was very knowledgeable and knew exactly what the judge would focus on.  I recommend him highly.
Donald S., 8/12/16

Cleaned up the mess that my previous attorney Ilona Antonyan made.  I am very pleased, in fact pleased as punch.  Thank You Andy.
Diane J., 7/11/16

Andy listens to his clients. He is quick to respond to questions, and his knowledge and experience with family law is top notch. He provides great professionalism, and he is willing to work with you on your time. He met me after 5pm, and we even met on short notice one holiday weekend. His response time is great. He was able to meet my needs as a client during a difficult time after another lawyer I tried failed at meeting my needs. I’d recommend him as a good family law lawyer.
Robert H., 1/1/16

I strongly recommend Law Officers of Andy Cook.  Mr. Cook is a Certified Family Law Specialist who knows all intricacies of the Family Law and knows exactly how to resolve any Family Law matter in the most direct and efficient way.   Mr. Cook was able to resolve the issues in my legal case that the other lawyers were not able too. Mr. Cook was always very prepared and foresaw any possible outcomes before anyone else did and had a solution for everything.  He is absolutely FANTASTIC lawyer   and simply a wonderful person. I am very fortunate that he took my case and I am very grateful to him.
Natalia K., 1/7/15


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