San Diego Spousal Support Lawyer

California law states that a person may be required to provide financial support for his or her spouse after a divorce. Spousal support or alimony payments may extend for years and years.  Contact a San Diego Spousal Support Lawyer to see if you will receive or provide spousal support.

A judge will evaluate many aspects of your finances and responsibilities before making a decision as to who will receive support and how much.  In order to have your rights and interests represented, it is beneficial to have an attorney working by your side.  At the Law Offices of Andy Cook, a family law attorney can help explain and describe what you are entitled to and what has precedence.

How Spousal Support Orders Are Determined

Spousal support can be temporary, or long-term.  Temporary support usually happens while the divorce process is still ongoing.  Once the divorce is finalized and a divorce settlement has been agreed upon, the spousal support payments are referred to as long-term support or, in some cases, permanent support.

The amount of money you will pay or receive is calculated with a formula using the income of the two spouses. In addition, there are factors that may come into play:

  • will the spouse be able to have a standard of living similar to that when married?
  • did one spouse help the other spouse get an education or career training?
  • how do the earning-potential of each spouse compare?
  • are there other assets or responsibilities for either or both parties?
  • how long was the marriage?
  • what is the amount of work/time/money needed to care for the children?
  • how old are the parties and is anyone chronically ill?
  • was there ever any evidence of domestic violence?
  • how likely is it for the spouse to be self-supporting?
  • Any other factors the court deems just and equitable

Seek an Experience San Diego Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal support can continue for many years and the amount paid may be significant, get a lawyer to ensure that your interests are heard.  The family law lawyers at the Law Offices of Andy Cook can help.

San Diego Spousal Support Lawyer

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