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Life, Death, Spousal Support, and Insurance

By Andy Cook |

If there’s one thing we know for sure about spousal support, also known as alimony, it’s that it ends with the death of either party. That’s why¬†Family Code section 4360 exists. It provides that a court making a spousal support order “may include an amount sufficient to purchase an annuity for the supported spouse… Read More »

Unmarried Dad Has to Pay Child Support Even Though Mother is Supported by Platonic Friend

By Andy Cook |

California determines child support by an algebraic formula that looks at essentially four things: the payor’s income; the custodial parent’s income; the number of children; and the amount of time each parent spends with a child. But what if the custodial parent, who is usually the parent who receives child support, is not working… Read More »

Does Spousal Support Recipient Have to Work?

By Andy Cook |

How long does spousal support (i.e., alimony) last? That’s a question I get a lot. And the answer is it could be a long time, especially if the marriage has been for over ten years. The law in other places may be different, but in California, a marriage that has lasted over ten years… Read More »

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Can you or your spouse be punished for changing attorneys?

By Andy Cook |

California, like just about every other place I have heard about, allows parties to change attorneys for any reason, even no reason. However, a recent decision of the California Court of Appeal, in which a husband was sanctioned (fined) $400,000.00, raises the point that if changing attorneys numerous times causes a delay in the… Read More »

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