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No Vocational Exam Allowed

By Andy Cook |

In a published decision, the California Court of Appeal has reversed a trial judge for ordering a vocational exam when there was no motion or RFO for support pending. Apparently, the court found that there was a lack of “good cause” pursuant to the code provision that allows for vocational exams. The case is… Read More »

California Divorce Judge Reversed for letting Children Move Before Hearing

By Andy Cook |

One of the toughest decisions for a family law judge to make, here in California and probably anywhere else in the country, is whether to allow one parent to relocate with the minor children to a place significantly far away from the other parent. A California judge faced this situation recently in the case… Read More »

Will There be Problems in California After the Supreme Court’s Marriage Rulings?

By Andy Cook |

The short answer is — probably not.  The Supreme Court of the United States, by a 5-4 vote, issued two landmark rulings on Thursday with respect to same sex marriages.  The net effect is that in California, same sex marriages are once again legal.  Stated differently, same sex couples are once again allowed to… Read More »

Can a California divorce be Stopped?

By Andy Cook |

If one spouse files for divorce or legal separation in California, may the other spouse stop the process by arguing the filing party doesn’t know what he is doing? That was more or less the situation in a recent case decided by the California Court of Appeal entitled Marriage of Greenway.  In Greenway, the parties… Read More »

California Marriage Poll

Poll Shows Californians Support Same-Sex Marriage by Large Majority

By Andy Cook |

For the past 36 years, there has been a Field Poll asking Californians how they feel about same-sex marriage.  The first Field Poll on this issue was conducted in 1977 and showed that only 28% of people polled favored same-sex marriages.  The latest version was conducted for two weeks from 834 registered voters throughout… Read More »

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