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Unmarried Dad Has to Pay Child Support Even Though Mother is Supported by Platonic Friend

By Andy Cook |

California determines child support by an algebraic formula that looks at essentially four things: the payor’s income; the custodial parent’s income; the number of children; and the amount of time each parent spends with a child. But what if the custodial parent, who is usually the parent who receives child support, is not working… Read More »

California Divorce Judge Orders Wife to pay for Lawyer’s Parking Ticket

By Andy Cook |

Even after you’ve been doing this for a while (and yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the day I opened my practice), you can still be surprised by some of the things that happen in Family Court. For example, this past week, the California Court of Appeal upheld a lower court’s order that the… Read More »

California Mom Loses Custody of Daughter in Divorce Court

By Andy Cook |

How does a mother in southern California with primary physical custody of the parties’ eight year old daughter lose that custody?  By behaving badly. At least that was the conclusion of a Riverside County judge who entered an order in August, 2013 awarding custody to the girl’s father, who resides in Idaho.  And today,… Read More »

Can a California divorce be Stopped?

By Andy Cook |

If one spouse files for divorce or legal separation in California, may the other spouse stop the process by arguing the filing party doesn’t know what he is doing? That was more or less the situation in a recent case decided by the California Court of Appeal entitled Marriage of Greenway.  In Greenway, the parties… Read More »

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Can you or your spouse be punished for changing attorneys?

By Andy Cook |

California, like just about every other place I have heard about, allows parties to change attorneys for any reason, even no reason. However, a recent decision of the California Court of Appeal, in which a husband was sanctioned (fined) $400,000.00, raises the point that if changing attorneys numerous times causes a delay in the… Read More »

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